Nursery Photography

Introducing our Nursery Photography:

We are an  independent photography company based in Seaford, East Sussex. We specialise in Nursery and Pre School photography but our services also include Portraiture, Pet, Event, Wedding  and Commercial photography .

We are Accredited members of the School Photo PRO trade association and work to their code of conduct (see enclosed). The association was set up to ensure that standards for independent professional school photographers  would match or surpass those of the large national companies. All members must prove that they have current CRB’s and adequate Public Liability Insurance. They also have to provide references from several nurseries that have already used the photographer for at least three photo shoots. South East Photography met all criteria with flying colours!

We have enjoyed working with a number of companies which include Ede & Ravenscroft, the oldest Graduation Ceremony Company in the country and even Walt Disney for a film promotion.

We particularly enjoy photographing small children as they offer a unique challenge. As you are fully aware, trying to get an active  child to co-operate in front of a camera is an art in itself! It’s also very pleasing to see the children growing up each time we visit.

Unlike many national companies, you will always get the same photographer. This allows us to build a sound relationship with you the nursery and guarantees that the standard of photography is consistently high. We know of several nurseries who were happy with one photographer one year but totally disappointed the next time when the national company sent someone else.

Using the same photographer also allows the nursery to request something different if they need to. For example, we would be happy to attend a sports day or some other special day.


For our nursery photography visit we offer a choice of backdrop. The most popular being our white free standing backdrop. This gives a stunning Hi Key picture which is both crisp and contemporary. Another choice is our black backdrop which gives a Low Key image.  We can also add colour gels which give a different effect with the black or white backdrop.

Why not try something different? We now offer a new and exciting range of photographs called Photo Noir. ‘Photo Noir’ portraiture is conducted with a single light and a black background and is all that is needed to produce these striking timeless works of art. The images speak about emotion, depth and absolute simplicity. Smiles are not the order of the day, serious studies work best in this style of portraiture. The ‘Photo Noir’ session is always planned with complete simplicity in mind. Clothing is kept dark to maximise the impact of the image. The idea is for the faces to be the main feature of the portrait so a low key effect is employed. This is the most emotional style of portraiture and as such is always presented in Fine Art Black and White. People love the simple, timeless and classic look.

For 2012 we are launching our new Fairies and Pirates sets! This will include all the costumes and props. Everyone loves dressing up and the idea is to produce stunning images that the parents just have to buy.

After School Photography:

Our after-school portrait sessions are a very easy way to

raise extra funds for your school. We now offer this service as part of the photography services we offer nurseries. 

Our sessions are very well organised and well attended as they offer parents a simple way to obtain high quality portraits at great prices in the convenient location of their school. Many of our school customers have regular family session to complement their regular school photography.

The above is a brief outline as to what we are about. If you would like further information or would like to discuss the services South East Photography can offer, please contact us using the online form.  Or if you prefer, please call our photographer, John Webster on 07710 133872/ 01323 898440 and request a brochure.